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Drawer slides are a common solution in the furniture industry. They are used in many products, including dressers, shelves and closets. They are used to open and close drawers easily, as well as doors and removable shelves. These drawer slides are fitted with nylon ball bearings which allow for smooth movement. They are typically mounted at the bottom edge of the drawer cabinets so that they don't affect the furniture's aesthetic. The ball bearing drawer slide is one of the most popular types. Ball bearing drawer slides, as the name suggests, are made from ball bearings. These small metal balls are embedded in the guides and reduce friction, making it easier to open or close the drawer. Ball bearing drawer slides can move in either one or two directions. They contain ball bearings in the guides. Ball bearing drawer slides can either be mounted in the center or lower depending on their intended purpose. Ball bearing drawer slides that are mounted in the middle of the drawer are called center-mounted. Under-mounted drawer slides, on the other hand, are intended to be used on the sides of a drawer.
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